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When building or renovating your home one of the most important aspects of the process is the client-designer relationship.

Do you need help extracting the vision you have?
How much design input do you want?
How far do you want the designer to push the boundaries?

At Ink Architecture, we start one to one. We know that getting to know our clients personally makes all the difference when building and designing that dream home together. When we understand the people and personalities we are designing for, we can tailor a home that best suits you and your lifestyle.

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At Ink Architecture we have a unique briefing process where we ensure we extract all the specifications and requirements from our clients. This gives us a clear framework so that we can best understand your wants, needs and desires, and how we can use our creativity to bring this all to life. 

In the briefing process, budget is a very important part of building or renovating your home.  That’s why we design a very detailed scope to make sure you get the most value from your budget, if there is one.


Now the fun stuff really begins!

Designing and building a home should be a fun, exciting and interactive process. Tell us all about your dream home and let’s get the creativity flowing. We aim to work closely with you to create a smart, functional and visually appealing home. 

At Ink, we listen, prepare, then visualise your dream. We can then bring your project to life using the latest technology available.  We can do anything from a basic conceptual 2D draft to start with, or if you prefer something more detailed we can offer a full 3D rendered walkthrough or virtual reality experience.  These options really help our clients understand exactly what the home is going to look, and most importantly, feel like.

Our aim is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your family, while you go through the process of building, or renovating, your dream home


Ink Architecture prides itself on not only our design, but also our ability to produce highly-detailed and well-documented set of construction drawings. Ultimately it is this documentation that will ensure a smooth and informative process for all involved contractors and clients.

Pricing Plans: For your piece of mind, we can provide pricing plans as an interim step before the completion of the full set of construction drawings and any required Building Consent applications. These plans provide all the necessary details and documents for each individual sub-contractor to price accordingly, thus giving you a realistic idea of costs prior to applying for Consent.

Final Documentation: This is whole nine yards. Full, finished and finalised construction drawings that we submit to the relevant council on your behalf. We act as your agent during the consent process, so all questions and queries come directly to us to rectify.


We believe in making the experience from start to finish as enjoyable as possible. 

At Ink, we see our projects right through to the end! We manage the whole design process from council consents, engineering, working drawings through to on-site liaising while the project is in action. We can also put you in touch with some of the fantastic builders we know and use.

We have completed many projects so feel free to touch base with us and we can show you our portfolio.

Our Process

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